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About Us


                                                    Easley Insurance Agency
can trace its history back to 1953.  The business 
                                                    was established by Don and Margaret Easley.  Located at 1203 E Red 
                                                    River the office was designed and constructed by Don Easley.

                                                    In 1991, Don and Margaret retired and merged the business with  Frost ( formerly Professional
                                                    Insurance Agents, PIA ).  Daughter, Donna Easley Doane, was contracted    
                                                    to service and maintain the Easley book of business and produce new business and
                                                    earned her Certified Insurance Counselor in 1995.

                                                    For fourteen years, she worked for other independent agencies, producing new business
                                                    and continuing the legacy and tradition of her parents business..

                                                    Donna had a vision, which traces back to her roots, to form her own independent
                                                    agency, henceforth, Easley Insurance Agency comes full circle.  Easley Insurance
                                                    Agency was re-established by Donne Easley Doane in March 2005.  She kept the
                                                    same location and even the same phone number.

                                                    The growth and prosperity of then Easley Insurance  will be based upon our founding
                                                    principles of being a good steward in the community and maintaining a dedicated and 
                                                    trained staff, while always keeping our clients interests as our top priority.